Afianci Global Networking

Security and reliability
when dealing with the Chinese market.

Aiming at bringing our customers closer to China, Brazil’s largest commercial partner, Afianci maintains its own facilities in Shanghai since 2014, operating in conjunction with local partners and suppliers. This allows Afianci to offer unique services in the search of Chinese products for export, as well as the assertive introduction of Brazilian products in China.
Afianci Global Networking

At Afianci, your business will benefit from our services, which include:

Our greatest strength - the search for the perfect supplier for your needs. Our international network of partners and in loco capabilities of our teams provide us with the tools and expertise to develop international suppliers for your business.
In loco inspections and personalized visits to potential suppliers can prevent instances of malpractice and fraud, as well as providing tangible evidence of international companies’ good standing.
When dealing with Chinese partners and suppliers, our personalized credit and regulatory reporting tools allow your business to learn about their corporate credit and legal status, providing a safe way for you to do business in China.
Afianci’s team in China is ready to optimize your operations when bringing samples from abroad, saving time, money, and the hassle.
Our local team in Shanghai has the know-how and proper accreditations to register and introduce international products into the Chinese market.
Our team is ready to accompany you in China, offering translation, negotiation and representation services when dealing with local companies.
Afianci Global Networking

Participation in fairs and trade events

Afianci’s Chinese team is ready to help you expand your business in China even further.

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